Dust Collector Monitoring

Modern dust extraction and collection systems generally provide effective filtration but in most cases they are not set up to run cost efficiently. Most installations in service today rely on time-based interval pulsing to clean the filter elements without any regard to the system’s operational efficiency. This results in the system pulsing when it is not required, which prematurely causes wearing of the bags, wastes energy and places unnecessary demand on compressor usage.

SOLAFT® Filtration Solutions offers the Ptronik range of smart controllers which constantly monitor the performance of your filtration system. Ptronik’s smart controllers trigger a pulse cleaning cycle only when it’s needed, which delivers significant savings.

Inbuilt sensors monitor the differential pressure across the filter bags and trigger pulsing when the target differential pressure level is reached, that is, when the bags actually need to be cleaned. This ensures your filtration system operates at peak performance, extending the life of the filter bag, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Smart Features:  

  • Differential pressure sensing for on demand cleaning
  • Manual single valve pulsing
  • Automated solenoid fault detection
  • Broken bag row detection
  • Data logging to track bag house performance
  • Web based monitoring and management (PMC Model only)
  • ModBus support to enable control room integration

The Ptronik range of Smart Controllers

Ptronik pMC

The pMC Master Controller offers all the savings of the ECO with the additional features of data logging to help optimise your system and remote internet setup, monitoring and diagnostic control. The onboard technology allows engineering and maintenance staff to remotely monitor plant performance in real time and to log plant performance data for subsequent analysis providing valuable input for future maintenance scheduling.



Ptronik ECO

The ECO On Demand Controller is an economical solution offering full control with a compact unit that can be supplied as part of a new baghouse or easily retrofitted to improve the performance of an existing baghouse.






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