SOLAFT Service

SOLAFT Dust Collector Maintenance & Service provides on-site expert support to optimise the performance and reliability of your dust collection and filtration systems. From developing an inspection and service schedule for your filter media to planning major projects we deliver real productivity benefits including:

  • Avoiding the cost of unplanned downtime
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Improved system maintenance planning, tracking and cost control
  • Reduced safety incidents
  • Freedom to focus on your business priorities
  • Ensuring environmental compliance

With our 10 year track record of providing service solutions to customers with equipment ranging from small dust collector units to large industrial bag houses you can be confident we have the skills to meet your needs, professionally, reliably and safely.

Our Services

Scheduled Inspection Programs

SOLAFT Service can tailor a regular scheduled inspection program for your equipment. We work with you to develop a schedule that fits in with your operations. For many clients we check the filter media on site during all major shutdowns and provide a written report on how the equipment is performing and if any corrective action, maintenance, replacement dust filters or other parts are required.

Emergency Response Services: Maintenance, Repair and Change Outs

Things don’t always go as planned and occasionally problems occur that need a quick response to enable you to remain productive and minimise downtime. SOLAFT Service is on call and available to support your needs should your dust collection or filtration systems experience issues or fail to meet their performance criteria. Our technicians will be on site promptly to diagnose the cause of the performance issue and provide a detailed inspection report with recommendations to get your operation back on track. SOLAFT Service will then mobilise our crews, coordinate subcontractors where needed, secure filter product and parts and get the job done. Our Emergency Response Services include general system maintenance, structure and component repairs, filter change outs and parts replacement.

Major Project Services

SOLAFT has a long track record of performing filter installations and change outs for entire plants for some of Australia’s largest industrial sites. For major projects that can span several weeks to months, SOLAFT Service adopts a rigorous approach to project planning. Our Major Project Methodology and expert project managers ensure that work is appropriately scoped, estimated and sequenced. As our client you can enjoy the confidence that your project will be delivered safely, on time and on budget.

Managed Maintenance Programs

SOLAFT Service offers ongoing Managed Service and Maintenance Programs for our clients’ dust collector and filtration systems to allow you to focus on the parts of the business that matter most to you. Our expert technicians develop maintenance programs based on your needs and carry out the scheduled services, freeing your teams to focus on more important equipment and operations within your facility. This focussed approach ensures the efficiency of your operations and can result in significant savings in time and maintenance budgets.

For more information on the Dust Collector Maintenance & Service or any of our other solutions including our wastewater treatment systems, please click “Make an Enquiry” or phone 1300 058 194.